PC software

The hardware is a plug-and-play device. When attached for the first time, the device will be detected as: ("MSH" stands for me, Mikhail SHaronov)

Then you will see message that HID device is detected and hardware is ready for use.

PC program is stand-alone Windows program, it does not require any installation, it does not do any records to the registry. Just save program to any folder and run. The main window shows scale readouts, the number of readouts and their order can be set with "settings" window. Font, color, inch/mm, precision (number of digits shown) can be adjusted from the "settings" dialog. The settings, as well as position and size of the main window are being automatically saved in the ini files, so next run will bring exactly the same look. Size of the displayed numbers is adjusted by size of the main window. Font size will automatically follow the window's size. Zeroing can be done individually or for all the windows with corresponding button. With "simulate" menu the output will be simulated by internal generator, this mode is for testing and adjustment of the look." Show "+"" checkbox determines weather "+" sign is shown for positive values.

Here is a screenshot.