GBA picture viewer

Picture viewer was developed to view pictures of any size on the screen of the GameBoy Advance console.

Main features:

  • pictures of any size
  • fast and smooth scrolling
  • zoom out to 2x, 4x, 8x
  • holds center of the screen while zooming
  • gamma correction of images

The main idea was to do scrolling as fast as possible (but with 1 pixel preceision) since the viewer was intended to be used as a part of GBA GPS mapping receiver. This was achieved by using the tile mode of the GBA ( mode 0). So, pictures should be converted first to create GBA ROM. The GBA ROM maker accepts images in the BMP, JPG and GIF formats.

GBA picture ROM maker program:

Pictures are uncompressed in ROM, please check if the ROM size fits your flash card.

Double click to the image name to change (up to 10 characters allowed)

Control (in GBA):

L -Gamma correction menu
R-File select menu
A-Select image
Select-Zoom Put
Start-Zoom In