Frequently asked questions

Is WWBM, BlueChart, MMO or MapSend Light supported?


Is AddMagMap a replacement of MMO?

No. The main difference is AddMagMap ability to ADD custom objects to the existing MapSend maps. Both MMO and AddMagMap can create new maps from scratch; but only AddMagMap can add new objects to the existing map without necessity to recompile the map. Maps created with MMO can not be joined with the MapSend maps (or can be joined with significant restrictions), while maps created with the AddMagMap are naturally part of the MapSend maps. There are no other programs that can add custom objects to the maps without recompiling the whole map, neither for garmin nor magellan.

I live in the area not covered by MapSend (Brazil, Russia etc); what should I use to create custom maps?

It depends.
a) MMO: You can draw your own maps from scratch with MMO ("advanced MMO" for multiple search groups), if latter some new objects must be added to the map, the whole map should be recompiled from the source files(*.shp or *.mif files). Also some extra steps may be needed to export the maps to the receiver.
b) AddMagMap: You can install any of the MapSend products and build the map of your area with AddMagMap (even outside the area of specific MapSend). The advantage is simplicity of the AddMagMap using, the ability to add new objects to the existing map; the verity of formats supported and *.shp sorting. The disadvantage is you are limited only to the objects that exist in the specific MapSend (search groups, type of the objects). Personally, I would prefer the AddMagMap, but necessity to pay for MapSend (if you don’t have one) may wipe the advantage out.

I live in the area covered by MapSend (USA, Germany, Canada etc.). What is better to use to add custom objects?

No doubts the AddMagMap. In a few clicks new objects can be added. The objects can be imported with many formats supported (tracks, routes, waypoints, text files, OZI Explorer routes, ESRI shape files (*.shp), ExpertGPS objects (with convertion)). Theoretically, if custom map is built with MMO it can be joined with MapSend (see join maps chapter at www.msh-tools.com), but in the best case scenario the search will not work properly; in the worst case the map will be crashed. Also deep knowledge of MapSend structure and manual editing of many files are needed to make the joined maps work.
If you travel abroad of your country you can extend your MapSend by new maps (e.g. by import of widely used garmin maps, many of them are available for free, please see AddMagMap examples)

Will the AddMagMap work with my specific MapSend?

I don’t know. The structure of MapSends is similar but not the same. Please give it a try with unregistered version to check.

Why do I see the point object grayed (not allowed) in the Import menu of AddMagMap?

The AddMagMap follows the structure of the MapSend databases. If there are no point objects in the detail map they are not allowed. All detail maps have the same database structure; to add object of new type all databases of all maps should be modified; this is in contradiction with the logic of AddMagMap (i.e., add objects to the map without touching the rest of the maps). Please do not be mistaken with POIs, cities or airports on your map: they are not detail map point objects (Cities and airports are parts of the basemap, POIs are special type of the objects). The majority of MapSends does not contain point type; there are only few MapSend with point type of the objects (e.g. Topo 3d German).

When I try to add new objects I don’t see verity of draw types in the "select object type" list (only a few or none of them). Why?

By default the AddMagMap shows types for the last map in the dialog. So if you just created the map only those objects will be shown that were used in that map. You can easily switch to types from any of the map (including both custom and preinstalled) by the drop down list at the top. Alternatively, any of the drawing type can be selected with Select Type dialog (green arrow). The drawing type determine look on PC screen, look on GPSR screen is determined by Groups/Layers dialog, which are the same for all maps and can not be modified.

Are the maps created with AddMagMap protected by Magellan serial number?

Yes, custom maps created with AddMagMap inherit all security of MapSend.

Does AddMagMap add some files to my computer or modify the registry?

No. The AddMagMap adds files only to MapSend folders. It does not add any new entries to Windows registry.

Does AddMagMap uninstaller remove new custom maps?

No, it does not. Uninstaller removes only AddMagMap folder and shortcuts. If you want to restore original installation of MapSend prior to AddMagMap removal, please perform "Restore"-"Restore"-"Original" from the AddMagMap menu. It will erase all custom maps and restore original MapSend installation.

I want to reinstall MapSend software, is there any way to add already created custom maps to new installation?

Yes. Please create restore point ("Restore"-"Create/Delete restore point" menu of AddMagMap) with your current maps. Copy hidden folder "MapSend root\Map\BackUp" to some temporary location outside the MapSend installation. Reinstall MapSend, copy BackUp folder to the "MapSend root\Map". Restore maps from restore points. "MapSend root" denotes folder with MapSend installation (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Magellan\MapSend Topo 3D USA"). To view hidden files and folders select "Tools" from the Windows Explorer, select "Folder Options", "View", "Hidden files and folders", "Show hidden files and folders").

I want to share my cutom maps with my friends, is it possible?

Yes, with some restrictions. First, your friend's MapSend must be exactly the same version as yours. Second, the installation of MapSend must be fresh (i.e. without any custom maps). Please follow procedure described above.

I would like to add custom POIs, are you planning to develop such program?

No. Unfortuantly, the POI database requires sorting of all POIs in alphabetical and cell order, therefore to add some extra POIs the whole database must be uncomressed and recompiled again with new POIs. This is very unsafe and time-consuming (the database is huge). The new POI database can be created with my POI_DB_creator program, but there is no way to join several databases.

I do not understand some part of the manual or examples documents, what can I do?

Sorry, these documents are written in my current level of English (which is obviously far from perfect). Please drop me a message and I'll try to explain that part in more clear way. I would very much appreciate any comments that can improve quality of the documents

Why the AddMagMap is a shareware in contrast to other programs on your site?

The majority of my programs and documents are free. The AddMagMap was designed as a user-level program with a simple interface targeting the users that already have some of the MapSend software and have willing to pay some extra money for new functionality. If someone has no such willing please use my free programs (different from AddMagMap) to work with MMO. I spent several months of everyday programming to develop the AddMagMap, the task was not that simple that it may seem. I would appreciate very much registration of the program, your contribution will help to maintain my site and new development.