AddMagmap is a program with simple interface to add custom objects (lines, area, points) to MapSend maps. To use the program you should have at least one MapSend installed on your computer. The program works on object-by-object basis: not necessary create a full custom map in one step, simply add object-by-object any time and to any map. The program creates map with the exact structure of specific MapSend; custom objects can be added to any of the existing MapSend layers.

The program uses powerful and fast algorithms of sorting, indexing, database and object creation. Apparent simplicity of the interface is archived be more than 10000 lines of code. Maps can be created anywhere on the globe (this was a subject of special care).

The AddMagMap program is not free. Full featured (with some minor limitations) trial version can be downloaded for evaluation purposes. Please see licence agreement and order pages for details.

all materials on this site are copyrighted you may not redisrtribute programs, examples, pictures and any other materials without permission from the author.

Mikhail Sharonov

To import an object to the map only 2 major steps must be performed: a) determine the layer to where the object will be imported (this determines appearance in the receiver) b) determine how the object will look on PC screen. Only 2 easy clicks are needed to perform these tasks.

Main features:

Supported formats:

Row and column ASCII text;
MapSend routes, tracks and waypoints (*.wpt);
OZI Explorer routes (*.rte);
ESRI shape files;

Import options:

Name conversion (OZI routes);
Auto sort areas;
Filtering ESRI shape files with 2 fields:
Explicit Garmin types (shp files);
Statistics for SHP objects (with filtering);


"Step back" (max 6) undo operation;
Restore point;


Garmin map source (Polish Map Format) to ESRI shape converter;
Buttons to Run and close selected MapSend;
Job lists;

The program was tested for the following MapSends:

MapSend Direct Route US (v 1 and 2);
MapSend Topo 3D USA;
MapSend Topo US;
Streets&Destinations US;
Streets&Destinations Canada;
Streets Europe (v.4.1);
S&D Australia (VIC);
S&D Australia (WA);

I can not guarantee it will work for other MapSends (in spite of the structure of the layers and databases are similar for all MapSends; MapSends have slightly different *.ini and *.cfg file structure). Please contact me if you will experience problems with the reading of your MapSend structure. The program does not work with Mapsend WWBM, BlueChart and MMO. Most probably the program contains some bugs, please be patient and let me know about them. All customers will be able to get improved versions for free.

AddMagMap was tested on PC computer (2.6GHz, 700MB RAM, Windows XP home SP2).