This program is Ar Drone v.2 control software for Windows. This is plain win32 program, so no needs for frameworks, redistributables or runtime engines. The program does not require instalation or third-party libraries.

The program can handle any type of video stream (mpeg4.2 and h.264), switch between them, adjust frame- and bitrates. The program uses natural for Windows OS DirectShow technology, videoscreen is sizeable upto full screen mode. Video performance depends solely on power of PC, modern laptops can handle maximal allowed 720p resolution at 4 mbps, 30 fps.

The program allows adjust flight settings etc., record video to USB, similar to Parrot's control software, plus some extra. It has extended joystick/keyboard support, mainly designed for 4-axis analog joysticks.

The program is written from scratch, with no use of Parrot's SDK or any other source or libraries.

Use it on your own risk. Sorry source is not available.

@ Mikhail Sharonov, 2012-2013.


Run the program, connect to Ar Drone, or vise versa. When connected menus become available and video will be shown.

"Start/Stop control" button allows path control to Ar Drone from keyboard or joystick. So, adjust first your joystick and then turn on control. Happy flying.

Some test video: http://youtu.be/_4ReZt6Ihcw

AcerOne netbook and PS3 gamepad: http://youtu.be/c_uqd6mKsxI

Test of video performance of a) Dell Inspiron laptop 17R, i5:2,5Ghz, 8Gb, Win7 64, DirectX11 b) Acer One netbook, Intel Atom: 1.6GHz, 1Gb, Win XP SP3, DirectX 9.0c c) Compaq Presario 2500, Pentium4:2.4Ghz, 700Mb, Win XP sp3, DirectX 9.0c. ffdshow codec pack was installed to all computers. Bottom line: Performance depends on power of the computer. Modern laptop can handle all possible modes up to maximal allowed H264_720P, 4 Mbps, 30fps. AcerOne netbook and 10-year old Precario can handle 360P modes at maximum bandwidth, and 720P mode at reduced frame rate. Note, maximum mode for mobile devices used by parrot's FreeFlight is 360P at 1Mbps. Ardrone2_PC_flight program can show significantly better quality of live video. http://youtu.be/XlX3YfuoaAU