On this site you will find collection of tools created by author to be used with Sony PRS Reader.

Mikhail Sharonov (aka obelix, obelix662000)

---- All programs here are freeware, they can be redistributed freely without any permission. Sorry, source of the programs is not available----
Site content
History of convertion utilities and LRF format LRF is SONY proprietary format for their e-readers (used in Sony Librie and Sony Reader PRS-500). The format is still undocumented. In the History section there is very brief review on the major developement for understanding the LRF format.

Front Light illumination E-ink readers do not have any illumination of the screen because (in contrast to LCD screens) e-ink screens are not transparent. There are many extrernal lamps available, but all them are not perfect. In this section I describe my approach to make front light illumination better.

Programs Tools for LRF format conversion.

Internals Pictures of open Reader and some information on the internal hardware and structure of the file system. It is shown how to adjust the contrast of the Reader screen with variable resistor.

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