Reader inside

Here there is some info on Reader hardware.

Disassemble the Reader (small Phillips screwdriver is needed)

  1. Remove the cover
  2. Unscrew one screw located on the bottom side (at left from the reset hole)
  3. Open SD cover. Unscrew 2 screws under SD cover
  4. Gently remove silver- color plasic by applying force to the sides and top. Be careful to do not break the plastic holders.
  5. Unscrew all screws at the sides (originally covered by plastic removed at the previous step)
  6. Unscrew 2 screw at the cradle connector (bottom of the Reader)
  7. Separate metallic box

--(click to enlarge)---

If you need more detailed images of some of the Reader parts, please send me a message, I have high-resolution images of all areas.

The major Reader components are (please see indication at the left image):

A) processor MC9328MXL (ARM920T core) by Freescale Semiconductor

B) RAM 2xK4S561633F (4M x 16Bit)

C) fast (parallel) flash S29AL016D (16 Megabit (2 M x 8-Bit/1 M x 16-Bit))

D) slow (serial) flash K9F1G08U0A ( 128M x 8 Bit NAND Flash Memory )

E) e-Ink screen controller Apollo T6TW8XBG-001

F) memory card controller Ricoh R5C807

G) unidentified (Sony proprietary) chip CXD3452GA

Here is some information extracted from the Reader. More info can be found on Wiki page and mobileread forums.

Note: LRF books are in the opt0/./Data folder.

UPDATE: Entering console mode.

I found location of UART Tx (and I strongly believe Rx (not yet tested)) on the PCB of PRS-500

Here is closer look at the connector (with some wires attached) which is located under flash card cable.

The UART Tx is pin N6 (the third one on the top row, red wire). The Rx pin of the same UART is No 7 (the forth pad in the bottom row, blue wire). The console output was captured with the 115200 8-N-1. I used USB cable from Pharos GPS to plug into PC..

Below is the output. The following conditions were applied.

1. Reset (back side of the Reader) was pressed

2. Power switch was switched on. Yellow LED gets glowing. Immediately output appears till "login". Then it stops until OS gets ready and LED gets dark. After that the rest of the output appears. "Wake up" appears after power switch was off.


Typing "libro" as a login and "librie" as a password (many thanks to igorsk!) we are able to enter the system: