LRF unpack

The LRF unpack program was written with the sole purpose to understand the LRF format. I'm using this program as a primary source for decompiling the LRF files to the objects to find out the features of the LRF format. The program is written in C# and requires NET 2.0 installed. The program has only very basic interface and produces output as a set of unmodified hex dumps for each of the objects together with some translation and description (very basic).

Usage: Push the "lrf file' button and select the *.lrf file. Note: give the program some time to finish (typically several seconds).

An example of the output (together with the source lrf file) can be find in the "DOWNLOADS" section. Note: the program is doing only very rough processing, for example it does not care on type of the streams, all streams are trying to be decoded as UTF 16. That is why some *.txt files are very big. In the test output the "winnings_enc181.txt" was truncated to save a space (this is an image file and after decoding it takes ~4MB). This is not very big problem, because type of each *.txt file (and, therefore, type of the stream can easily be determined from the first rows of file, where type of the chunk is shown).