LRS to LRF converter

Until recently the XYLogParser.dll by Canon (part of Book Creator Program) and lrs2lrf wrapper by igorsk was the only tool to create full-featured LRF content. The reasons why homebrew parsers were developed are:

  • XYLogParser is VERY slow. Several minutes are needed to create a moderate size LRF book.
  • There is some bug in the parser which makes some books unreadable (see FixLrf program to fix this bug)
  • XYLogParser demands very certain structure of the header and LRS structure, sometimes it is hard to generate the LRF output from good LRS source.

To satisfy needs for fast and reliable LRS to LRF parser for the Book Designer program, the work on new parser development was started in the russian www.the-ebook.org community in November 2006. The LRFparser (by AlexXF) and MSH_LRSparser (by me) were developed. Both parsers are about 30-100 faster than XYLogParser.dll and support most of the LRS features. Nowadays the MSH_LRSparser is included to the Book Designer as an LRS to LRF conversion engine.

MSH_LRSparser is a command line Windows utility. The parser does not require any DLL or .NET.


MSH_LRSparser.exe inputfile.lrs outputfile.lrf

The following tags and objects are currently supported: