10-11-10 fb2lrf v. 18.2, section [PrsDisks] to *.sini initialization file added to insert PRS disk signatures

09-19-10 fb2lrf v. 18.1, fb2lrf_console v 1.4; For new PRS-350 and PRS650: autodetect PRS-350 and PRS-650, Windows 7 support, external font bugs fixed, see corresponding pages for details

06-23-09 fb2lrf v. 18.0, fb2lrf_console v 1.3; extra empty line fix, other minor changes

02-07-09 New section:FB2 to LRF console version

02-01-09 New section:How to get a screenshot

01-26-09 fb2lrf v 17.9, bug on references within text-author tag fixed

01-18-09 fb2lrf v 17.8, bug on context menu and command line conversion fixed

01-08-09 Bootstrap/bootloader section has been added

01-06-09 Added how to use fb2lrf as a script in MyHomeLib (fb2lrf page) (http://home-lib.net/)

01-02-09 fb2lrf. Ver.17.6. Transfer to Prs-700 added; Support of Internal Fonts names

11-22-08 fb2lrf. Ver.17.5. Several bugs fixed. Firefox plugin is now compatible with version 3

08-27-08 fb2lrf. Ver.17. Some bugs fixed. Many new decoration elements have been added (lines in header/footer; separate adjustment of notes and links; reference style, etc).

03-18-08 fb2lrf. TEMP folder of Windows is now used for temporary files, it allows conversion from nonwritable media. Other small fixes.

02-25-08 Sudoku. Problem with "sleep mode" solved. Please download version 2.1

02-25-08 Sudoku users (even if it was tried only once), please see important information on the Sudoku page regarding battery discharge

02-23-08 FB2LRF. Bug on improper margins fixed. Ver. 16.7 (version is now visible in the fb2lrf window caption)

02-20-08 SUDOKU game for PRS-500 and PRS-505. Version 2

02-09-08 SUDOKU game for PRS-500 and PRS-505. (Autorun feature)

02-07-08 How PRS-500 and PRS-505 render texts and images. See "Image Rendering" page.

01-04-08 Location of UART pins found on PRS-505 board, some output is obtained after reset. Please see details on "PRS-505 internals" page

12-19-07 Location of UART pins found on PRS-500 board, some output is obtained after reset. Please see details on "PRS-500 internals" page

12-13-07 Photos of naked PRS-505

11-18-07 fb2lrf: Some bugs fixed, direct transfer files to PRS-505, no exceptions under Wine (gdi32.dll.GetFontResourceInfoW)(but external fonts are not supported)

10-31-07 fb2lrf: Add-on for Mozilla Firefox, right-click conversion from the browser.

10-18-07 fb2lrf: external fonts bug fixed, bug on reading some png pictures fixed, float numbers for font size added. Version 16.5

10-05-07 fb2lrf: LRF books can be directly transfered to the Reader (internal memory or/and flash card (SD or Memory Stick). Requires Sony Connect installed. Version 16.4

09-20-07 fb2lrf: Saving positions of the windows. Some bugs fixed. Version 16.3

09-01-07 fb2lrf: Revised job dialogue, new format for ini files, folders with Author name, other. Version 16

08-16-07 fb2lrf: Remove existing files settings (Overwrite, Prompt, Skip) (paths dialogue), self kill duplicate instances of fb2lrf

08-14-07 fb2lrf: Better Vista support, some fixes

08-07-07 fb2lrf: Drag-and-Drop added. v.15.1.

08-06-07 fb2lrf: Version 14 with context menu, no setup needed. Version 13 (with setup) is now obsolete, please read fb2lrf page for details.

08-02-07 fb2lrf_setup. Vista compatible, New control: paragraph spacing, Author+Title in the header/footer, adjustable max length of the header/footer, always-on-top, auto show skipped files

07-18-07 Fb2lrf: Added context menu (right click) in Explorer. v.13.0. Installation via setup.

07-13-07 Fb2lrf: a) Enhanced support of external fonts: all fonts within the same Typeface available. b) Long TOC. Current version is 12.3

06-01-07 Fb2lrf: Bold/Italic styles added to MainText. Current version is 12.2

04-17-07 Reader internals section was added. How to adjust contrast of the screen.

04-13-07 This site was launched