MapSend S&D Streets Europe

MapSend S&D Streets Europe does not have any POI database. In contrast to MMO (which does not have POI DB also) MS Europe needs some modification to accept POI DB (e.g.. created with POI_DB_creator, or moved from another MapSend).

1. Modify existing Raima database to have references to the poi_data.* tables, reindex existing grX.* and modify references in the map.ini. This can be done automatically with makePOIaccept program. After this step MS Europe will show POIs on the PC screen, but without search and exporting functions. (Check at this point if your MS Europe has the same behavior as before, the only difference is: first start is a little bit slower, because we removed (renamed) files needed for the quick start.

2. Add icons for the categories to the MAP\POI_img folder (an empty folder was created with makePOIaccept). You can use complete set of 87 icons provided with POI_DB_creator.

3. Replace existing MapSend.exe file in the root directory to the provided MapSend.exe. This MapSend.exe was modified to add exporting features. Now you should see new menu item "Points of Interest F9" of the "Options" menu (if POI DB is added, otherwise the item is still hidden). Create POIs with POI_DB_creator (do not forget to modify (or create new) cat.def with the first line pointing to the POI_img folder of the MapSend Europe). Create DB with the "MMO&others" checkbox.

You should be able see POIs on the screen exactly how is in the others MapSend applications, POI information will be visible at the info window, POI can be exported to GPSR within a detailed map, you can specify which category will be shown on PC (and exported) using "Point of interest" menu item.

POI_DB_creator makes POIs visible at zoom >1:100,000, to modify zoom properties please see "What is a POI" document.

4. Final step. Add search of POIs (similar to others MapSends with POI DB). This can be done in different flexible ways. Below are examples. For the search mapsend.ini file should be modified.

a). Search is added at the Europe level, all POIs are visible in one bunch, at the "Europe" section of the search:

2. POIs are shown in a whole bunch, but now Points- of- Interest item appears at the Country level (and the "Europe" level as well):

3) POIs are sorted by Countries. To organized such behavior in POI_DB_creator add ", AB", (comma+space+country abbreviation (taken from the \DATA\eu_groups.txt (2nd column). Example: "Some POI name, SP" : POI belongs to Spain.


When search is done at the Europe level, all POIs are visible. At the Country level (Spain) onle those POIs are visible that have "SP".

Here is the modification of the mapsend.ini:

For local versions the last two modifications should be written in local language, i.e. for Spain they look like:

F_POI1=[]; []; [Pais]; !Equal; data\eu_groups.txt[2]; Remove; //****** add here
POI_STATE1=Nombre; ", *"; data\eu_groups.txt[2];