On this site you will find collection of tools created by author to work with Magellan GPS receivers. Most of the programs and "How-to" were posted originally to Mobilemapper, Mapsend_Format and Magellan_Meridian yahoo groups. Here I maintain the latest versions of the programs, updates and new development.

Mikhail Sharonov

---- All programs here are freeware, they come with absolutely no warranty, use them at your own risk ----
ST_to_GPS "Microsoft Streets&Trips" ("Autoroute" in Europe) is excellent routing software. Maps are accurate (in my area more accurate than MapSend Topo) and route planning is very reliable. GPS compatible (shows position on the map in real time). Very cheap ($15 for 2CDs). The only disadvantage it does not have an option to upload waypoints and created routes to GPSR. ST_to_GPS allows creation of waypoints with one button press (F2) and export them to GPSR (as waypoints, route or track) or save them as a file [MapSend waypoints, tracks, routes], [SD card routes and tracks] or [CSV file] at runtime. ST_to_GPS traps windows messages "on the fly", so no additional steps (like saving files) are needed. Works with Street&Trips 2004, Streets&Trips 2003, Autoroute 2004, Autoroute 2003.

uploadGPSserial Program to upload maps (primary and secondary basemaps and detailed maps) to Magellan GPSR via serial. No more annoying manipulations with hidden menus and magup.exe. The maps can be uploaded also in a "hidden menu" (98) mode for out-of-order receivers. All types of maps (primary, secondary basemaps and detailed) for all types of Magellan mapping receivers (Map330, Meridian GPS (Green/Yellow), Meridian (Gold, Platinum, Color), Sportrack (Map/PRO). Auto or manual mode, live debug log in a separate window.

convertMMOoutput and MMOconverter Command line and Windows GUI versions of the program to make maps (*.img) or layers (*.lay) created with MobileMapper Office software (ver. 1.10 and 2.00) compatible with Magellan receivers (or with MapSend software). MobileMapper Office (MMO) currently available at ftp.magellangps.com or ftp.thalesnavigation.com. ( MMO can create custom detailed maps for Magellan GPSR).

POI_DB_extractor Some MapSend software (i.e. MapSend Topo for the US, MapSend Australia, MapSend Streets&Destination USA, MapSend Streets&Destination Canada) contains Point-of-Interest (POI) database. This database has a complex structure and consists of ~10 different files (in Raima Database format). With POI_DB_extractor POI database can be extracted in explicit "comma-separated" text format. This text file can be then edited/updated and composed to new RaimaDatabase (for Mapsend applications) with POI_DB_creator.

POI_DB_creator Points-of-interest (POI) is a special object in MapSend or MMO software. POIs are organized in categories (87 available); each category is shown with appropriate icon on the MapSend's PC screen or on the GPSR screen. Every POI can contain record of auxiliary information with custom defined fields (i.e. address of the place, phone, fax etc). POI_DB_creator creates POI database compatible with MapSend/MMO software either from manual input or from CSV plain text file. CSV files created with POI_DB_extractor can also be used. The program supports custom field definition for every category. Some Mapsends (like MapSend Europe) need more steps to accept POI database, see makePOIaccept program.

makePOIaccept Mapsend Europe or Mapsend WorldWide Basemap do not have any POI database. To make MapSends (Europe or WWBM) accept POI database (for example created with POI_DB_creator) modification of MS Europe/WWBM Raima database is needed (add reference to poi tables and reindex existing grX.* tables). makePOIaccept is a command line utility to automatically create all necessary modifications of the MapSends to accept POIs. The program can be applied to any MapSend without POI support. Some more steps for MS Europe/WWBM is needed, see how-to section.

MSmapView View of objects on the PC screen in MapSend/MMO software is defined in the map.ini file. Many different options determine look of labels, lines, points or areas. With MSmapView you can modify (or create new) look definitions of any object. For example, change color, thickness of lines, style of lines, font size, font style etc of any defined object (layer) (i.e. highways, roads, cities, parks, oceans ...). Moreover you can insert labels into the custom icons (like "shield" on US highways, or rectangles on EU highways). This program is especially useful when custom maps created with MMO are joined with MapSend maps (in this case definitions created with MMO are lost, and layers are shown in unpredictable way). Note, the program define look only on the PC screen, not on the GPSR screen.

ShowCcenter Some MapSend software (MMO also) does not have Track Control Center, but the center exists and is running in the background. ShowCcenter shows this hidden track control center.

TOPO_extractor The program extracts topograhic info from MapSend's BLX files. Area to be extracted can be selected by coordinates. Format of the output file is Terrain Matrix model, compatible with free 3DEM viewer; this can be than converted to DEM or GeoTiff with 3DEM viewer.

TOPO_creator The program creates custom Topo maps compatible with MapSend/MMO (*.blx files). The map is shown on PC screen and can be exported to GPSR with full support of Magellan's features (building profiles, terrains etc). Input format is 3DEM Terrain Matrix model (it can be built from many other formats with 3DEM viewer). TOPO_creator has also feature to add TOPO support to the MapSend's/MMO that do not have that option (like MMO, DR, S&D).

PText2shp and shp2csv Programs convert Garmin maps (source in Polish Text Format (Polish MapFormat)) to ESRI shape files with filtering by levels. Shp2csv converts point SHP files to text files for more convinient way to import in POI_DB_creator.

AddMagMap With this program custom objects can be added to exsisting map (in contrast to MMO, where the map should be created every time when new objects are added). Please see corresponding page for details and compatiblity with MapSends.

TritonRMP Program to create custom raster maps compatible with Triton receivers and Vantage Point software.

How To
Join custom maps with MapSend map
Custom maps created with Mobilemapper Office (MMO) can be joined with a whole map of MapSend. In this section you will find step-by-step instructions for MapSend Topo and MapSend WWBM.

MapSend Topo for the USA
Modification of configuration files that should be done to incorporated custom map to MapSend Topo

MapSend WorldWide basemap
How to join custom map with MapSend WorldWide basemap (WWBM). How to configure WWBM to export either basemap or detailed map.

Add POIs to MapSend/MMO
Custom POI database can be created with POI_DB_creator program. POIs can be incorporated to virtually any MapSend software. See guide for POI_DB_creator and POI_DB_extractor. In this section you will find more information specific to the certain MapSend software, which initially do not have POI DB support..

What is a POI
Not all MapSend software contain Point-of-interest database. If you dont have any experience with POIs, in this section you will find some information how POIs are organized, how they look on the PC and on the GPSR screens. Basic info to work with POI_DB_extractor and POI_DB_creator.

Mapsend Europe
MapSend Europe needs to be modified to accept POI database. See makePOIaccept program. Here you will find step-by-step instructions how to incorporate POIs to MapSend Europe. How to tune search engine to show POIs either as a whole bunch or country specific at the Europe and Country levels.

Mapsend WorldWide Basemap
MapSend WWBM needs to be modified to accept POI database. See makePOIaccept program. Here you will find step-by-step instructions how to incorporate POIs to MapSend WWBM. How to tune search engine to show POIs. Note: WWBM with POIs works only in detailed map mode.

Unknown MMO
MMO has many hidden functions. In this section you will find how to reveal some of them

MMO and POIs
How to create POIs with MMO (modification of mmomain.exe code to call POI creation dialog).

Advanced Maps
How to create custom map with full GPSR search support. Search database will be devided into 4 standard groups for Roads, Waterways, Parks. Advanced map creation dialog allows create maps with more options compared to standard MMO.

Create Maps

Garmin to Magellan

1. In Russian, in Enlish: Overview of custom map creation process. Example how to create Magellan map from Garmin's map.

2. How to create custom maps for Explorist. (see Explorist section)



1. Reprojection of images from one coordinate system to another. 2D and 3D reprojection.

2. Communication modes of Explorist, how to get serial NMEA output. Pinout of Explorist cable (see Explorist page)

3. Overall performance of some GPS receivers.