Atmel ATR0640 basebone GPS processor (14 channel correlator from Thales Navigation, ARM7TDMI thumb processor core) is the main part of the receiver.



There are two different voltage supplies: at the left-top corner 5V comes from the external power supply (AC power plug); at the righ-bottom corner 5V comes from the USB bus (when Explorist is connected to PC with link cable). When only the left-top 5V applied; Explorist shows "battery charging". When only the right-bottom 5V applied; the Explorist shows "Ext. power"

Two GND pads are internally connected

Tx is an output (e.g. NMEA); Rx is an input.

USB connector of Explorist's link cable is shown below. 5V comes from PC.

In spite of USB looks like standard USB, it can be used also in true serial mode, see Comm. modes page.