Program Content File+Size
Firmware source firmware Keil prj
mshdev_firmware_keil.zip (~118kB)
DFU bootloader source bootloader Keil prj
mshdev_bootloader_keil.zip (~77kB)
Firmware hex firmware hex file
mshdev_firmware_hex.zip (~28kB)
Bootloader hex bootloader hex file
mshdev_bootloader_hex.zip (~15kB)
SoftDevice hex SoftDevice hex (part of SDK)
s110_softdevice.zip (~97kB)
Android apk source android apk source android_source_apk.zip (~24MB)
Android apk android apk mshdev_apk.zip (~4MB)
DFU ZIP maker windows program dfu_zip_maker.zip (~370kB)


Keil projects require Keil uVision + MDK ARM+Nordic Semiconductor SDK. The SDK must be installed by "zip" installer way (see https://developer.nordicsemi.com/, SDK v9 was used. Unpack firmware project to "SDK_PATH/examples/ble_peripheral/" folder of SDK, and bootloader to "SDK_PATH/examples/dfu/".