This is Window GUI version of convertMMOoutput utility.

MobileMapper Office 1.00 software (MMO) create map files (*.img) and layer files (*.lay) compatible with Magellan Receivers and with MapSend software. Later versions of MMO (v. 1.10 and 2.00) have different order of fields in the headers. MMOconverter is a Windows GUI program to convert *.img files and *.lay files created with MMO1.10 and MMO2.00 to format acceptable by Magellan GPSRs and MapSend.

Before uploading to GPSR the detailed map file (*.img) created with MMO1.10/2.00 must be converted to Magellan acceptable format, otherwise it will stuck your receiver (can be restored, see uploadGPSserial program, or FAQ2.0 available at Magellan_Meridian yahoo group).

If layer files created with MMO1.10/MMO2.00 are used in MapSend software (i.e. to join custom maps with the existing ones), they also must be converted with the utility.

The program searches for the header entries in the *.img file (or. *.lay), changes order of the fields, and calculates the checksum.

Select "=" if you want overwrite the file to be converted, otherwise select name of the output file. Please wait until progress bar will return to zero, indicating finishing of the conversion.