10/10/08 TritonRMP, v1.4, several bugs were fixed, faster image load, progress indicator on map load, OZI Explorer map support (WGS84 lat/lon only)

10/03/08 Custom Raster maps for Magellan Triton GPS: TritonRMP program I'm back in a year with purchasing new Triton-500

08/17/07 AddMagMap is a freeware now. Please register with the data provided on "registration" page.

04/15/07 The Ebook page ( www.msh-tools.com/ebook ) has been created (not related to GPS)

01/11/07 AddMagMap v 1.04, fixed problems of visibility at 120dpi (Large) font settings

12/23/06 EGPS2shp program modified to read both new and old versions of EGPS format

11/05/06 POI_DB_extractor, version 1.01. In new version POIs can be selected by coordinates and categories.

10/07/06 EGPS2shp program to convert ExpertGPS files to ESRI shape files for further import with AddMagMap or MMO. AddMagMap update, fixes some problems with search in some groups.

02/13/06 Shp2csv program to convert point shp files to text files (for further importing to POI_DB_creator). See "Ptext to Shp" page.

01/29/06 New generation of software: to date the only available program to add custom objects to Magellan MapSend maps. Many formats are supported, including extended support of Garmin map import. Please see shareware section.

01/03/06 Guide in German (by Kerstin Ambros):Garmin to Magellan/Explorist with MMO3.1

12/19/05 PTxt2shp. Another corrected version

12/16/05 PTxt2shp. Corrected version

12/15/05 New program: Polish Text (Garmin source) to ESRI shape file converter with Level filtering

08/21/05 Topo_creator: Bug was fixed on selection of region

08/07/05 Explorist: Hardware and Comm. modes pages are created. True RS232 NMEA output is described

07/19/05 New Explorist page:Create custom maps, Convert old MapSend maps to Explorist format

07/17/05 Comparison of Meridian GPS and Explorist 500 (performance tests) http://www.msh-tools.com/general.html

07/06/05 MMOconverter and convertMMOoutput were recompiled to support *.imi file extention (for Explorist maps created with MMO (see Msg#161 on 07/05/05 by Bruce and Msg#169 by Alberto in mobilemapper2 yahoo group))

04/04/05 New features are implemented in the GBA GPS: a) speed b) heading c) auto saving the settings and the last position on the map

04/03/05 The last two days of March the site was down because of bandwidth limitation (6GB), total number of unique visitors in March exceeded 20000. I would very appreciate any donation (even $5 will help) to pay my bills for hosting and to support new development.

03/29/05 Pat Crowe has connected Trimble LassenSQ module to GBA . Please see GBA GPS page for details

03/18/05 Several bugs were fixed in GBA GPS ROM maker program

03/13/05 Comparison of Meridian GPS, Garmin Etrex, Pharos-360 http://www.msh-tools.com/general.html

02/26/05 ST_TO_GPS now works with S&T 2005 (Autoroute not tested)

02/20/05 How reproject 2D images www.msh-tools/GBA/convertmaps.html

02/15/05 Site was shut down for a while, see "on legal issues" topc in the Message Board

01/26/05 !!!New!!! GameBoy GPS project Have a look at my new project on embedded programming. GPS again but not Magellan related. www.msh-tools.com/GBA/gbagps.html

09/24/04 Translated to english: Overview on custom map creation process (How to section). Example how to create map of Moscow from Garmin's maps.

09/16/04 In russian: Overview on custom map creation process (How to section). Example how to create map of Moscow from Garmin's maps.

09/01/04 Found how to show any set of groups (including custom groups) on GPSR screen for both basemaps and detail maps. See "Advanced maps" section.

08/29/04 How to show multiple fields in GPSR database is added to "Advanced Maps" page, see Appendix A at the bottom of the page.

08/21/04 !!!New!!! Unknown MMO. Advanced map creation dialog. With this hidden in CustDll.dll feature map can be created with layers devided into 4 standart group. With this new feature full search support in four group can be done (it solves the old problem of GPSR search for maps created with MMO). UnhideMMO.exe program reveal all hidden in the CustDll.dll functions (Advanced map creation and POI creation). Currently works for MMO1.00 only.

08/07/04 !!!New!!! Unknown MMO. MMO1.00 and MMO 1.10 can be modified to call POI creation dialog. Full-feature POI_DB can be created with hidden MMO functions. Please see "MMO and POI" in the "HOW TO" section

07/06/04 Topo_creator: 3DEM does not support ',' as a decimal separator; please find TOPO_creator that works for both '.' and ','

06/30/04 POI_DB_creator: Drive selection in the path to application added, Mapsend DirectRoute's "region convertion failed" fixed;
TOPO_extractor: swaped axes fixed

06/29/04 As usual I mixed up Longitude and Latitude. Fixed. Info on Terrain Matrix format (TOPO_creator, Apendix A) is added

06/28/04 !!!New!!! TOPO_extractor and TOPO_creator programs. With TOPO_extractor program 3D data can be extracted from MapSend Topo (or similar) *.blx files. With TOPO_creator program custom topo map can be created from scratch using available 3D data. Custom topo map created with TOPO_creator has all features of MapSend's Topo maps (on both PC screen and GPSR).
See new TOPO_extractor and TOPO_creator sections for detailed instructions.

06/12/04 POI_DB_creator: bug on Southern hemisphere coordinates fixed (see Msg on 06/11/04 by Oleg)

06/06/04 POI_DB_creator: "Data cell offset is odd.." error fixed

05/09/04 POI_DB to WWBM. How-to document and programs modification.
To incorporate POI DB to WWBM some modifications were done to POI_DB_creator and makePOIaccept. Please download the latest version of the programs to work with WWBM. Specification of POI format is added (accessible from POI_DB_creator page).

04/30/04 POI_DB_creator: bug on "auto" header detection fixed

04/29/04 "AUX" checkbox added to POI_DB_creator to have a choice extract POIs without auxiliary information (e.g. the POIs will be used with some other software without aux info).
POI_DB_creator, extractor: minor modifications regarding selection of the folder. makePOIaccept: does not quit if MAP\poi_img exists (see Daniel's comments)

04/28/04 New versions of POI_DB_extractor and PO_DB_creator

POI_DB_extractor: i) bug fixed, now works with DirectRoute US (tested) ii) add feature to create *.def file automatically to use with POI_DB_creator

POI_DB_extractor: i) algorithm of cell finding changed, now import is 4 times faster ii) *.def list now may not to be alphabetically sorted, simply add new items at the end iii) "auto" recognition of poi's lay header added, if program finds the header, it will be used in the DB created, so now not necessary  rename (remove) fast_lay and fast_db. The only exception is MapSend Europe (because there is no POIs et all), the files still must be renamed.
Note!: in new version I changed appearance of POI, before they were visible at any zoom level, now default is: they are visible at zoom > 1:100,000 (similar to all Mapsends with POIs). This can be changed by modification of poi.cfg (see guide). I changed that, because if huge files (exported from MapSend) are used, appearance of thousands of POIs on the screen slows down the work.

04/25/04 ....testing......

04/25/04 This site was created.

Modification and updates (compared with older versions posted to yahoo groups):

1. MMOconverter: progress bar is added
2. POI_DB_extractor: now works with S&D Canada, S&D USA (subcategories are not supported) and S&D Australia.
3. POI_DB_extractor: several bugs were fixed (aux records, and 3 byte value for dtx slot's references (was 2) (could affect big databases))
4. MSmapView (bug fixed (creating new definitions)). Guide was written.
5. All guides were revised. MS Europe: "How to" POI search is added.