Some MapSend software does not have POI database. POI database can be created with POI_DB_creator, but some modification of the Raima database is needed to accept POIs tables. MAP\RaimaOut folder contains ext_db.dbd file, where database tables are defined. To add POI's tables (poi_data.dtx, poi_data.dsc, poi_data.dpo, poi_dta.dct, poi_data.dax) the description of the structure of these tables must be added to ext_db.dbd. Also to keep proper references to grX.* tables they must be reindex, i.e. 5 (number of POI's tables) must be added to index number of all records in these grX.* tables. After all this DB_REF= in the map.ini file should be changed to +1.

makePOIaccept automatically does all necessary changes to make Raima database POI tolerant. After modification (even if no POI DB is added) the behavior of MapSend is as before (simply some more table references (even if tables do not exist) are added to the database). makePOIaccept automatically create all backups to restore original configuration (if needed). Simply run the program and work will be done.

MakePOIaccept does the following:

a) Creates backups:

MAP\RaimaOUT_bck_makePOIaccept (folder and its content)

b). Modifies the following files:

ext_db.dbd file to add POIs tables
reindex gr0-gr10 files in the RaimaOUT directory
creates an empty MAP\poi_img folder

The program was designed to add POIs to MapSend Europe and WWBM. After modifications done with makePOIacept, POI DB can be incorporated into MapSend Europe and MapSend WWBM, POIs will be visible on the PC screen with the info. To export POIs and add search, some more modification is needed, see "How To" section. I guess the program can be applied to some others MapSends without POI support. Simple way to determine if MapSend needs POIs modification is to check map.ini file. If "POI_INDEX=-1" in the [LAYER] section of the map.ini file, Raima database needs modification with makePOIaccept, if "POI_INDEX=0" Raima DB already has POIs references.

How to

Copy makePOIaccept.exe program into the root folder of MapSend software. (i.e. "C:\Program Files\Magellan\MapSend Streets Europe v4.10\"). Run the program, wait until finished. No backup is needed because program automatically creates backups