MapSend WorldWide Basemap

Most of MapSend/MMO software can accept POI databases (Topo, S&D USA, DR USA, DR Europe, S&D Australia, S&D Canada e.tc). In this case POI DB can be created with POI_DB_Creator without modification of MapSend RaimaDB structure. But S&D Europe and WWBM need some more modifications to accept POIs (initilly they were not designed to work with POIs). Please see MapSend Europe section for the modification; In this section you will find step-by-step instruction how to incorporate POI DB to WWBM.

After modification POI DB can be created with full support of SEARCH and EXPORTING functions (POIs can be turned on and off, Categories can be selected with "F9"). To work with POIs, WWBM should be in a DETAILED map mode. In this mode WWBM creates detailed map, where authorization with serial number of GPSR is not an issue. Good idea is to keep 2 versions of WWBM on a computer: one is unmodified to create basemaps; and the other is modified to create detailed maps with POI. To create another copy of WWBM simply copy conent of the whole WWBM to another folder and modify mapsend.ini file to force WWBM create detailed maps:


Export_Basemap=0                                                <<<was Export_Basemap=2,


The idea of modification is pretty similar to MapSend Europe: create new references to Raima DB and reindex Raima Tables. There are some minor differnces in the procudere, please use versions of makePOIaccept newer than May 08, 2004, this version has support of both WWBM and Europe. Also there is some conflict with File_Identifier in the all_poi.lay header, so use POI_DB_creator newer than May 08, 2004 where checkbox for WWBM header is added (with this header the conflict is avoided).

1. Modify existing Raima database to have references to the poi_data.* tables, reindex existing grX.* and modify references in the map.ini and export.ini. This can be done automatically with makePOIaccept program. After the step nothing changed in behavior, except WWBM now is POI tolerant.

2. Add icons for the categories to the MAP\POI_img folder (an empty folder was created with makePOIaccept). You can use complete set of 87 icons provided with POI_DB_creator.

3. Create POIs with POI_DB_creator (do not forget to modify (or create new) *.def with the first line pointing to the POI_img folder of the MapSend WWBM). Create DB with the "WWBM" checkbox (if folder name contains "WorldWide" the" WWBM" checkbox will be switched authomatically). Next time you will also have a choice of "auto" header, because POI_DB_creator will find good header created with the first run.

You should be able see POIs on the screen exactly how is in the others MapSend applications (Fig. 1), POI information will be visible at the info window, POI can be exported to GPSR within a detailed map, you can specify which category will be shown on PC (and exported) using "Point of interest" menu item. Also "P" checkbox will apper in the "regions" window, you can select if POIs will be exported within the map or not. (See Fig 2).

Fig.1 Fig.2



POI_DB_creator makes POIs visible at zoom level>1:100,000, to modify zoom properties please see "What is a POI" document.

4. Final step. Add search of POIs (similar to others MapSends with POI DB). Below is a simple example (for more examples see MapSend Europe section). For the search mapsend.ini file should be modified.

"POI" section is added at the first string of "search window" (see image at the right):