Almost all modern MapSends have Track Control Center. With the Center tracks can be downloaded to MapSend, tracks can be "played"showing movement, the Center shows profile of the track, points can be removed/edited, track can be saved to MapSend format etc.

When I did experiments with MMO, I found that Track Control Center exists and running in the background. With WinAPI function ShowWindow the control center can be shown in the application, and it will work (with limited features). ShowControlCenter program enumerates running windows using the title of the main window as a start point, determines header of the Track Control Center and call it with ShowWindow WINAPI function. The same hidden Control Center also exists in BlueNav.

How to use

Edit enclosed ShowCCenter.bat, write Title of the main window of MapSend exactly how it appears on the screen (see description and examples in the showCcontrol.bat file). Run MapSend application, run the *.bat file. You will see Control Center Window. Below are images of the Center in MMO. You can use the Center to upload and download tracks, edit or remove points, show profiles, see "play" function; track can be saved in MapSend format. The limitations are: it cannot read the saved files, and track is not shown with a line (only the current point).