This program is designed to work with Microsoft Streets&Trips 2004 and Autoroute 2004 (European version). Was reported, the program works also with S&T and Autoroute 2003 versions.

With this program you can create waypoint (Microsoft call them "pushpins") with F2 button press, and export them at runtime to Magellan GPS receivers (as waypoints, routes or tracks), or to MapSend files (waypoints, routes, or tracks), to SD card (waypoints, routes or tracks) or as a comma separated (CSV) text file (which can be then imported to Streets&Trips).

Program consists of hook_dll.dll and st_to_gps.exe. Both files should be located in the same directory. Program does not do any changes in Windows registry. Program traps windows messages "on the fly" (message hook is defined in the hook_dll.dll), analyze them and exports coordinate information to the program.

How to use:

1. Run Streets&Trips (Autoroute), (below referred as S&T). Check if you see drawing toolbar at the bottom. If not, go to View-Toolbars menu, select Drawing, then close and restart S&T.

2. Run st_to_gps.exe program. Press "Start" button. You should see "Location sensor" (or local name) window.

3. Choose pushpin shape from the Drawing Toolbar. Press F2 button. Repeat. You should see string grid filling with coordinates. When finished press "Stop" button (but not necessary). See Fig. 1.

4. Select name for waypoint set. Waypoint names will be "name" + number, where 'name' is a name in the "WP set name window".

5. Press "Export" button. New window will appear (Fig. 2). Select icon, format and destination. Select name for the route.

6. If exported to GPSR, new window will appear, where you can set baud rate and port number. Fig. 3.


Fig. 1
Fig. 3


Formats supported:

Format Protocol Features
WayPoints File: MapSend Topo waypoints WayPoints set name, Magellan Icons
Magellan GPS WP(via COM port)
WayPoints set name, Magellan Icons
SD card (using CardReader/writer) WayPoints set name, Magellan Icons
Routes File: MapSend Topo routes Magellan Icons, Route Name
Magellan GPS Routes(via COM port)

WP set name, Magellan Icons, Route Number (in the list of GPS) does not remove existing routes (if the route number is different)
SD card (using Card
WP set name, Magellan Icons, Route Number
Tracks File: MapSend Topo tracks  
Magellan GPS tracks(via COM port)
removes existing track from the memory
SD card (using Card Reader/Writer)  
Msft S&T File: Comma separated value to import into S&T using DataImport